Terminating Your Instance

  1. Go to your AWS E2C machines
  2. Select machines to terminate (Note you have machines running in two locations: Virgina and Califonia)
  3. Select Actions > Change Termination Protection
  4. Select Yes Disable
  5. Select Actions > Instance State > Terminate
  6. After both instances are terminated select Elastic IPs
  7. Select Actions > Release asddresses
  8. Then go back to N. California
  9. Select Volumes on the left hand side
  10. Right click your Volume and select Delete Volume

Screenshot on your instance

How to take a screenshot on your AWS instance:

  • Click on Applications (top left of your screen)
  • Select Run Program
  • In the Application Finder that opens type xfce4-screenshooter

The other option is to take a screenshot on your client computer (PC/Mac) and then upload that to github.

  • PC: press the PrtScn button.
    • Open the Paint program and paste in your image.
  • Mac: press CMD-SHIFT-4

Tuesday--Catch up day

Tuesday May 23 will be a catch-up day for Assignment 6. If you are already done with assignment 6 you do not need to come.

Assignment 6 Part 1 will be due Thursday 5/25.

Include External Image in R Notebook

To include an external image (i.e. screenshot) in your R Notebook, include a code chunk like this:

knitr::include_graphics("~/Desktop/Screen Shot 2017-05-02 at 2.54.52 PM.png")

Java Errors in R Studio

If you are getting on of the following error message when opening R Studio

1. Close your R session and open a new R session

If your R session will not close use Htop to find the PID number for that instance and kill it.

From a terminal window:

Kill 1425

2. If the problem still persist reset the R Studio desktop state

When you run your R Studio diagnostics you should see lots of Error messages at the end of the file.

From a terminal window:

rstudio --run-diagnostics
tail ~/rstudio-diagnostics/diagnostics-report.txt

Reset R by moving your Rdesktop info, then re-run the diagnostics

mv ~/.rstudio-desktop ~/backup-rstudio-desktop