Sequence Alignment Lab Update

In the interest of time I have shortened the lab some. Please reload the lab webpage to get the current version. You can skip the text that has strikethroughs. You can also skip Q12 and Q13 in the assignment template.

Linux Configuration

If you want to install the programs used in BIS180L on your own linux machine, please click here

Welcome to BIS180L

Welcome to the BIS180L website for 2019.

We will be updating material over the next couple of weeks in anticipation of this Spring’s offering.


Professor Maloof

Reading Material / Text Book

We will use Vince Buffalo’s excellent book Bioinformatics Data Skills.

This book is available online for free through the UC Davis Library (on campus or VPN connection required). UC is licensed for simultaneous access by 28 people. If that doesn’t work for you, you can buy it direct from the publisher or from amazon. As of this posting Amazon is cheaper and has used copies as well.

Additionally we will use Hadley Wickham’s also excellent book R for Data Science which is available online for free. If you would like a physical copy, here is the amazon link